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Sun Circuit Barrel Racing Sweepstakes - $2,500 Added

Back for 2014!!

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AzQHA Sun Circuit Sweepstakes & 4D Barrel Race Information

4D Format 4D Percentage Payoffs
1st Division – Fastest Time 1st Division – 30%
2nd Division – Fastest Time plus .5 second 2nd Division – 27%
3rd Division – Fastest Time plus 1 second 3rd Division – 23%
4th Division – Fastest Time plus 2 seconds 4th Division – 20%

Barrel Race: Suz Barnes, (602) 790-1530, suzbarnes@mac.com
AzQHA Show Office: Connie Hay, (623) 869-8037, chayazqha@aol.com


Pre-Entry Deadline AzQHA January 10, 2014 or a late fee will be accessed
Pre Entry Deadline for 4D Sweepstakes Barrel Race is January 10, 2014. A $10 late fee will be assessed per horse.

To Earn AQHA Points, in order for your time to count for points for the 4D Sweepstakes Barrel Race you must enter the Sun Circuit Show with all appropriate fees plus pay the $55 4D Sweepstakes Race entry (Must have a back number for this option)

NO entries will be accepted after the first runner goes.

All AQHA entries will be in the first draw for judging purposes

Link to list of Tack and Permitted/Non-Permitted uses: (Please read for banned equipment)


Draw will be posted online at www.theclassifiedhorse.com, www.ssbarnes.com Websites by January 26th, 2014. All late entries will be drawn after the pre-entries on race day.


Dress Code
Dress code will be enforced (long sleeve shirts, hat, boots)


Ground will be dragged after every five (5) contestants have competed.
A Big Drag will occur after every 50 riders, with a Big Drag and water (if needed) every 100 riders.


A “no time” will be given for:
a. Going off course (not completing a cloverleaf pattern)
b. Not running in drawn position.
c. Knocking over a barrel (if a barrel is knocked over and it sets up again on either end a“no time” will be accessed). Touching a barrel to keep it from falling is permitted.
Contestants may ride any horse or as many horses as they choose in a class. A rider cannot ride the same horse more than once in any class. In no case will the same horse be run more than twice in the same class.


Should a producer deem a rerun is in order due to mechanical errors or unforeseen circumstances, the contestant will be given the option of running at the end of their rake or at the end of the race class. This option will be granted to all contestants given a



download an entry form






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