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Staff & Contacts


Show Management & General Show Information

Connie Hay - AzQHA Secretary
Show office 480-312-6820
Show Director Doug Huls
39506 N. Daisy Mountain Drive
Ste. 122-607
Anthem, AZ 85086
email: doughulsscc@gmail.com
Webmaster: Kristen Spinning krisspin@comcast.net
Show Photographer: Jeff Kirkbride


Show Photos

Show Videographer:
Lavoy Shepherd
Classic Video


Vendor Co-ordinator

Emily Frazier
Email:  emilyfrazier9@gmail.com
Phone: (480) 276-0258
WestWorld Feed & Bedding 480-312-6814
WestWorld RV Reservations 480-312-6802
Stalls: Doug Huls 480-390-6867

Physical Address for Shipping:

WestWorld of Scottsdale
16601 N. Pima Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Arizona Quarter Horse Association Sun Circuit Oversight Committee

Chair Person Michele Pearson
Laurel Walker Denton
Curt Fender
Suzy Jeane
Dorn Parkinson
Shadd Parkinson
Jim Searles



The Arizona Quarter Horse Association (AzQHA) has entered into exclusive contracts regarding the sale and distribution of photographs and video, including any other reproduction of the events; The Arizona Sun Country Circuit and the Arizona Fall Championship. AzQHA reserves the right to regulate access to the horse show facilities, and to determine the use of the facilities by any vendor, photographer, or any other individuals or parties.

Commercial Photographers are limited to the Official Horse Show Photographer and Videographer, and Press Photographers credentialed by AzQHA. Press photographers (anyone taking pictures for newspapers and periodic publications) will be required to obtain a press pass and display it at all times. Press passes can only be obtained from AzQHA.

Professional and/or commercial photography (any photography taken for resale purposes or advertisement) without prior written consent of AzQHA is expressly forbidden. This policy will be strictly enforced. Violation of this policy will result in removal from the show grounds and revocation of admission for the current and/or future shows. In addition, any images related to these events; photo, video, or brand recognition is the sole property of AzQHA and will be vehemently defended under the United States Federal Copy Right Infringement Laws.






About This Site

The Arizona Quarter Horse Association is proud to bring you this site to keep you informed and to provide easy access to results, photos and forms. Photos and graphics contained within the site cannot be reproduced or used for commercial purposes without the expressed permission of Sun Circuit.
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