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We will post draws for morning classes as soon as they are available from the show office.

Please note: we usually do not have draws availabe until AFTER 8 PM.

Announcements regarding draws will also be posted on the Sun Circuit Facebook Page


Saturday Draws

Senior Trail

Amateur Cow Horse

Junior, Youth and AHSRA Cow Horse




Friday Draws

Amateur Ranch Riding

Nov Am Ranch Riding

Amateur Reining

Nov Am Reining

Junior Reining

Select Reining




Thursday Draws

Youth Ranch Riding





Wednesday Draws

Amateur Reining

Ranch on the Rail

Ranch Riding

Cow Horse


Tuesday Draws


Nov Am Reining

Select Reining

Junior Reining





Monday Draws

L3 Senior Reining




Sunday Draws

Nov. Amateur Reining

Amateur Reining

Junior Reining

All Sunday Roping

VRH Ranch Trail

VRH Reining

VRH Ranch Riding



Saturday Cutting Draws











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