Corey Cushing Takes Two Titles at the 2020 Sun Circuit

This year marked the 10th Annual Smart Boons Fence Challenge at Arizona Sun Circuit, and an impressive lineup of 20 cow horses were on hand to thrill the crowd on March 5th at Scottsdale’s WestWorld Arena. Corey Cushing was the last to go on One Fine Vintage, owned by Bradley and Mary Roberts. It had been a night of spectacular runs and Corey knew he had to pull out all the stops for the win. The pair dominated their cow with ease and marked a 149 to win $6,375, the buckle and an embroidered cooler.

The Knight Family started the Smart Boons Fence Challenge when they owned the talented stallion. When The Dunn Family became the proud owners of Smart Boons, they continued the legacy of this special event. With $20,000 added, the total payout was $26,000 along with other great prizes.

The Farnam Golden Cowboy Champion was announced at the conclusion of the Smart Boons Fence Challenge. The Golden Cowboy is an event in which one horse and rider have their scores combined from the Smart Boons, Herd Work, Muley Steer Stoping, and Wednesday’s Jr or Sr Cowhorse. Farnam donated $5,000 to the purse for the event along with a fabulous prize line that included a custom saddle from Superior Saddlery, a Preston Williams Hardware buckle, a cowhide chair, embroidered coolers, bronc halters and more. Corey Cushing and One Fine Vintage had a composite score of 370.5 to secure the title of 2020 Golden Cowboy.