2023 National Championships

Summer Rankings Announced

Summer Rankings For National Championships Announced

The Scottsdale Arizona Sun Circuit will once again hold the wildly popular tournament style competitions in Horsemanship, Equitation and Showmanship. The recently released Summer Ranking List lets exhibitors know where they stand half way through the 2022 show year. The list names the top exhibitors in the nation for each division. The final list, tabulated after all the World shows, will name those eligible to participate in the tournament at the 2023 Sun Circuit held March 4-12 at WestWorld in Scottsdale. Rankings are compiled by a nation-wide panel of trainers and judges who watch and note the accomplishments of exhibitors. While a lot can happen in the next few months, everyone on the lists can be very proud of their accomplishment to date.

The first 3 rounds of the tournaments are held concurrently with the respective AQHA classes at Sun Circuit. Exhibitors are recognized  after each round to the Sensational 16, Exceptional 8 and ultimately the head to head battles of The Four. Exhibitors who make it to The Four in each class and division will receive an embroidered  leather bomber jacket. Champions will be presented a National Championship trophy buckle.

Hana Olaussen has been a frequent player in the National Championship Tournaments. She reclaimed her number one spot in youth horsemanship with half a year’s worth of shows to go. AQHYA director Alexa Black just picked up a World Champion trophy in Youth Equitation, and also finds herself at the top of the summer rankings in that division. Brooke Jolstad was recently named the first 14-18 All-Around winner at the AQHA Youth World and is right behind Alexa in the number two spot. Youth Showmanship saw some reshuffling of placings and some new names broke into the top 10, but it is June Roberson who holds the number one position.

Kaleena Weakly was presented with the #1 ranking trophy in Amateur Showmanship last March and is currently sitting in the same spot for the 2022 mid year rankings. Natalia Devencenty is a familiar face to any one who follows the National Championships. She currently stands in the top spot for Horsemanship, but most of the top ten in that class have made it to the finals as well, so it should present some interesting match ups. Ella Petak swapped her 2nd place ranking from last year’s final list in Youth Horsemanship for a second slot on the Amateur list. Maria Salazar was last year’s champion in Amateur Equitation and is poised to defend that title coming in tied for the top spot this year with Jessica Baird.

What happens when you are having a spectacular all around year? You end up like Renee Howes who holds the #1 spot in Select Equitation and Horsemanship as well as a #2 ranking in Select Showmanship. It’s no guarantee of a bomber jacket in March though, as in each of those classes, there are other contenders who have made it to The Four as well. Scott Reinartz continues to be at the top of his game. He is ranked #1 in Select Showmanship, the same position he was in on last year’s finals list.

Last year’s Tournaments proved that a high ranking does not guarantee making it to The Four, however. Many exhibitors advanced through the rounds after spectacular Sun Circuit runs to find themselves in the head-to-head matchups.

All exhibitors who made the Final Rankings list are eligible and encouraged to participate. There are no additional fees for the National Championship. However, eligible exhibitors must enter the class in the Sun Circuit Show Office.

Download a PDF of the SUMMER RANKINGS – All Divisions