2023 National Championships

The popular and challenging National Championships of Showmanship, Horsemanship and Equitation were a highlight of competition at the 50th Anniversary Scottsdale Arizona Sun Circuit March 4-12, 2023. The top 64 exhibitors ranked nationally were eligible to compete and after 3 rounds of elimination, The Four remaining show one more pattern in a head to head format. The Champions all receive buckles and everyone who makes it to The Four are awarded embroidered bomber jackets.

Farnam National Championship Amateur Showmanship finals saw Patricia Bogosh, Tony Anderman, Johnna Letchworth and Parris Rice make it to The Four, but it was Patty’s runs that won the buckle.

In the Farnam National Championship in Select Showmanship, Scott Reinartz came to the competition as the number one seed and stayed true to form to become this year’s buckle winner. Anne Wilson, Tammy Dewey and Vito Latini rounded out The Four.

Patty Bogosh put together a string of good patterns during her week in Scottsdale and advanced to The Four in the Cinch National Championship Horsemanship with FirstOneInLastOneOut. In the final pairing against Kaleena Weakly and Definitely A First, Patty kept her streak going and pulled out the win. Eric Medrysa riding Never Sudden, along with Gentry Picket and Ponderosa Pine also made it to The Four.

Scott Reinartz progressed through the Cinch National Championship Select Horsemanship tournament rounds to find himself in another finals. He edged out Shannon Cairone and On My Level in the last round for a second buckle. Shannon and Scott were ranked #1 and #2 in the nation coming into the tournament, and their closely competitive patterns made it clear they were well matched contenders. Also making The Four were Kristi Troell with Huntin Sum Chocolate and April Gentry riding Hez Simply Western.

Brooke Garcia and The Publication made their way to the final work off in the Equine Chronicle National Championship Equitation after a full week of tough competition. Brooke went head to head with Krusin In Krymsun with Alexis Miller in the irons and had just enough gas in the tank to pull off one more smooth pattern. Parris Rice riding Its southern Blues and Lila Owens and Beyond Expectation also made it to The Four.

Only two exhibitors qualified for the Finals in the Equine Chronicle National Championship Select Equitation. Scott Reinartz and Only One Request rode the pattern against Anne Wilson and RR Certainly A Lady. While both did a fine job, Scott topped the judges scores one more time and won the buckle, thus  sweeping all three Select National Championships.

Youth exhibitors also competed in the National Championships.

First up was the Farnam National Championship Youth Showmanship. With crisp moves, Sydney Swallom and Almost Invited edged out a beautiful executed pattern by Lyla Bellar and Good Evanescence for the buckle. The finals were tough because  Itzonly Make Belive and Alexandra Rippeon were also on fire and Siena Holyoak presented Wrap Me In Red with finesse.

In the Cinch National Championship Youth Horsemanship, a tight spread in scoring advanced Jayna Lagace riding Huntin Hotty Tottys and Alexandra Rippeon with Iztonly Make Belive to the final pairing. Jayne was just about flawless on her last go cinch the win. Isabella Buckley rode Shes Rocking My Dream and Brooke Jolstad showed Betta Believe It to round out the finals.

When the Equine Chronicle National Championship Youth Equitation took over the arena, it was certain to be a tough competition as all four young ladies had tremendous accomplishments over the past year. The final match up was between Jayna Lagace riding Huntin Hotty Tottys and Sydney Swallom with Almost Invited. Jayna commented that she loved the challenges of the two track and serpentine in the pattern and that her horse floated through it. The judges like her maneuvers too and she went home with the buckle.

Isabella Buckley and Shes Rockin My Dream along with  Mouse Trapped ridden by Alexis Potts rounded out The Four.