2024 National Championships

Will once again be held at Sun Circuit March 2-10 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The 2024 National Championship will be instituting some changes yet still retain the tournament style competition. All exhibitors entered in the AQHA Amateur, Select and Youth 14-18  Showmanship, Horsemanship and Equitation will be eligible to compete for the 2024 National Champion title and the Final Four honors. The summer and end of the year rankings will not be done which will allow for all exhibitors in the named classes being eligible for 2024 National Championship. 

Tournament Format

The tournament style competition will remain in place. Exhibitors in the Amateur and Select Amateur divisions will have to be in the top sixteen of all judges composite placings after the first round of competition, in the second round of competition the 16 will be reduced to the Elite 8 then in the 3rd round of competition The Four will be determined. In the Youth pen after the first round of competition the Elite 8 will be named, of these 8 after the next round of competition The Four will be named. Each round of competition will run concurrent with the respective AQHA class. 

As in the past when The Four are determined the competition will move to the head  to head competition with matches between the highest composite placing of the 4 in the last round of competition and lowest composite placing of the 4 in the last round of competition. The middle two composite scores will match up for the semi -final round of competition. A tie in determining of the final Four exhibitors will be broken by the selected
tie breaker judge. Ties in previous rounds of competition will advance. The winners of the semi finals will then compete in the Final round to determine the National Champion. As in the past The Four exhibitors in each division and discipline will be awarded leather jackets and the National Champion will receive the title and National Champion buckle.