3 Slates of NRCHA Classes For 2019

Sun Circuit is please to offer 3 slates of classes this year. Classes are also approved by AzRCHA.

NRCHA Circuit Champions in each class will be awarded Preston Williams Hardware Buckles.



NRCHA  exhibitors can enter in the concurrent AQHA class without paying an additional Judge fee. There is only one cattle charge for AQHA/NRCHA concurrent runs.

$4,800 in Added Money Sponsored By Linda Mars

Download 2019 NRCHA Fees



Thank You To Our Buckle Sponsors:

Open Bridle – Stallings Performance Horses

Limited Open Bridle – Painted 4P Ranch-Chris Lytle

Non Pro Bridle – Grimshaw Training Stables

Intermediate Non Pro Bridle – American Rope Horse Futurity

Novice Non Pro Bridle – Cushing Performance Horses

Open Hackamore – Cowhorse Properties, LLC – Gianna Hanson

Limited Open Hackamore – Endocrinology Associates – Dr. Amir Harari

Non Pro Hackamore – Jason Johnson Horseshoeing

Open Two Rein – Dorn and Debbie Parkinson

Non Pro Two Rein – Linda Mars

Youth Bridle – Brad and Amy Lund

Non Pro Limited – Stockett Tile and Granite

5K Non Pro Limited – Celtic Systems

1K Non Pro Limited – Curt Fender

Youth Limited – Rumko Construction – Sandy Miller

Youth Limited 13 & under – Bella Vista Ranch