Smart Boons Fence Challenge

The Smart Boons Fence Challenge is always a crowd pleasing spectacle of equine athleticism. Smart Boons owners, Eric and Wendy Dunn added $20,000 to the pot and 100% of the entry fees were added back. Twenty of the top cow horses in the nation and their riders put on a fantastic show for the enthusiastic crowd.

The energy of the event was contagious as spectators whooped and hollered with each turn of the cow.  Scores were held to the end, so the excitement continued to build. Corey Cushing was EmCee for the evening, interviewing each breathless rider after their performance.  After several heart thumping runs, Phil Ralls loped in on the flashy roan stallion, Call Me Mitch, owned by Estelle Roitblatt. The pair dominated their cow, diving into the stops, and turning with ease. It was clear they were going to be tough to beat.

The crowd also cheered wildly for BJ Avila who was fast and fearless on Dera Cat owned by Rainlynn LLC. Cushing turned over his microphone and hopped aboard Sonita Lena Rey owned by Sheri Jamieson. They too turned in an exciting performance. All 20 exhibitors returns to the arena for scores and awards. Cushing’s run scored a 151, settling them into 3rd place. That earned a check for $3,825. Avila marked a 153 winning a check for $5,100. But it was Ralls and Mitch who edged out the pack with a 154, winning them a check for $6,375 and a beautiful custom Preston Williams Hardware trophy buckle. The pair combined that score with points earned in cutting, steer stopping and cow horse to claim the Golden Cowboy Award and an additional $2,250.

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Photo Courtesy Jeff Kirkbride Photography