WestWorld Feed & Bedding: 480-312-6814

Shavings and feed may be purchased at WestWorld Call 480-312-6814

All stalled horses must have a minimum of two bags of shavings per stall. No bedding other than the WestWorld shavings is allowed on the property.

Permanent stalls are assigned to sponsors first. Request for Permanent stalls, which are assigned temporary stalls, will be refunded the difference.


Dear Equestrian Users,

There is a person calling and representing himself as a WestWorld Feed & Bedding employee.  He is saying you need to order shavings, mats and feed and asking for your credit card information.

THIS IS NOT A WESTWORLD EMPLOYEE!  Please warn your exhibitors that this is happening.  I am told we are not the only facility being hit.

WestWorld F & B will never initiate a call to you regarding ordering.  As in the past, you call us and we handle your order from there.

If for some reason we need to reach an exhibitor, your caller ID would read 480-312-6814 or City of Scottsdale.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 480-312-6807 or Noel Martinez at 480-312-6814.

Thank you,


Gloria Storms

WestWorld Business Manager

Stall Block Diagrams

Download 2019 Stall Diagrams as a PDF

Stall Form Must Be POSTMARKED BY JANUARY 18, 2019

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