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Our vendors offer the latest fashions, stylish boots, horse care products, tack, home furnishings, exquisite jewelry and so much more. Check them out… never know what you might go home with.

North Hall Vendors

Wendell Arena Vendors

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 Dates: Vendor set-up will begin on Thursday, February 27th, 7am- 6pm and continue through Friday, February 28th, 7am-6 pm. After 6 pm all vendors must be in place. Specific set-up times may be required by show management to facilitate entry, unloading and exit of vehicles. Tear down may begin no earlier than end of classes Sunday, March 8th and must be completed by 8:00am Monday, March 9th. 

Interested in Becoming a Vendor?

Download the 2020 Sun Circuit Vendor Packet.  Complete the application clearly and completely and send to the address below. Please do not send any money with your application form. If you are approved to be a Sun Circuit vendor, you will be contacted and sent a Vendor Contract.


Arizona Sun Circuit
Michelle McCartney
6725 E Kelton Lane
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Questions? Email:  or call  602 459 6773 

Three types of vendor spaces are available (see space pricing sheet) 

The Vendor Area is open to the public from 9:00am to 6:00pm each day of the show. 

Inside Space~ 100 sq. ft. vendor spaces inside the climate-controlled North Hall (multiple contiguous spaces can be reserved for vendors requiring more than the basic 100 square feet). Basic electrical service is provided for lights, charge card machines, etc. Supplemental electrical can be obtained at additional cost. Vendors are responsible for bringing all setup equipment, West World/Sun Circuit do not provide any setup equipment. 

Outside space~ Various areas surrounding the different show arenas have been designated for vendors who prefer not to be in the inside vendor area. Some basic electrical is provided depending on location and supplemental electrical service can be obtained at additional cost. Water hook up is generally not available. 

Wendell Arena ~ Ring side placement is for sponsors only. Space assignment will be made by highest value sponsor to lowest value sponsor. ** Vendor coordinator must approve all mobile trailers. Wendell vendors will be provided ONE- 30 AMP plug, additional power needs will be the responsibility of the vendor to order by providing a supplemental electrical form to the vendor 

coordinator by February 17, 2020. Estimated price for additional 30-amp plug is $120. If supplemental order form is not received prior to this date, any additional power needs will NOT be accommodated. 

Pedestrian Permit ~ A limited number of pedestrian permits will be available to vendors who would like to market their services and who do not need a stationary vendor space. This permit is limited to pedestrian or golf cart activities and does not permit use of a car, truck of similar vehicle within the show grounds for commercial purposes. This permit does not include use of a stall. Insurance and all necessary licenses are still required. 


Vendor Requirements

Insurance~ All vendors must provide proof of insurance prior to coming onto the grounds.

Insurance is required in the of amount of $1 million per occurrence and $2 million general aggregate.

The following must be named as additional insured on the policy: Arizona Quarter Horse Association, The City of Scottsdale, The United States Bureau of Reclamation, and the American Quarter Horse Association. (See contact sheet for addresses)

Licensing~ All vendors will be required to obtain a temporary sales license. Said license must be obtained by and at the expense of the vendor. Please contact the City of Scottsdale at 480-312- 7932. The vendor is responsible for complying with any applicable local, state or federal laws, regulations, or fees.

Security~ Will be provided during the event and begins on Thursday, February 27th at 6:00pm and will continue every evening from 6:00pm – 9:00am throughout the event. Security will end Sunday, March 8th. NO SECURITY ON SUNDAY MARCH 8th. Sun Circuit is not responsible for lost or stolen goods.

**Please note that every attempt is made to place each vendor in an advantageous location. If necessary, however, priority will be given to vendors who participate as sponsors and to vendors with seniority.

Physical Address for Shipping:

If you are having items sent to you at WestWorld during the show, please use this address:

Sun Circuit: Your First and Last Name, Your Contact Number
Your Business Name
West World of Scottsdale
16601 N Pima Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

It is VITAL you include your NAME  and CELL NUMBER so that we can let you know your package has arrived.

Inside Spaces

Square FeetPrice Per Square Foot
200 to 400$6.75
500 to 800$6.50
Above 800 $6.25

Outside Spaces

Wendell ArenaPrice
Wendell Arena Ringside $1,100 – Plus Sponsorship
Wendell South Fence

*All space dimensions must be approved by the vendor coordinator. Price is subject to change for larger units.

$800 – Mobile Trailers
General Space LocationPrice per square ft
All Other Areas $2.50 per square foot
Horse Trailers & Truck/Trucks $300 per vehicle


** Up to 12’ W X 30’ L ($20.00 for each additional linear ft.)

$300 per trailer

Pedestrian Permit (Limited Number Available) $300.00

A Pedestrian Permit is for those vendors who do not require a permanent space and who provide a service that necessitates doing business in and around the barn areas. Under no circumstances will a vendor of this type be allowed to conduct business without a pedestrian permit, proof of insurance and all necessary licenses. Use of a vehicle other than a golf cart to conduct business is not permitted. 


The Arizona Quarter Horse Association (AzQHA) has entered into exclusive contracts regarding the sale and distribution of photographs and video, including any other reproduction of the events; The Arizona Sun Country Circuit and the Arizona Fall Championship. AzQHA reserves the right to regulate access to the horse show facilities, and to determine the use of the facilities by any vendor, photographer, or any other individuals or parties.

Commercial Photographers are limited to the Official Horse Show Photographer and Videographer, and Press Photographers credentialed by AzQHA. Press photographers (anyone taking pictures for newspapers and periodic publications) will be required to obtain a press pass and display it at all times. Press passes can only be obtained from AzQHA.

Professional and/or commercial photography (any photography taken for resale purposes or advertisement) without prior written consent of AzQHA is expressly forbidden. This policy will be strictly enforced. Violation of this policy will result in removal from the show grounds and revocation of admission for the current and/or future shows. In addition, any images related to these events; photo, video, or brand recognition is the sole property of AzQHA and will be vehemently defended under the United States Federal Copy Right Infringement Laws.